Women of La Paz

22 Nov, 2018 | Bx Team

Social issues

Miriam Rojas Ontiveras – Photo by Sergio Suárez Málaga

‘We have a lot of rights now, unlike before. I am very happy to be a Bolivian woman.’

C. Sempertegui:  Photo by Sophie Blow (unfortunately we forgot to ask her name, but she has her initial and last name on her uniform we can use)

‘Being a woman in Bolivia is a blessing. We have a very unique culture, which is something that not every woman around the world can say that they have’.

Angela Abigail Calvimontes Pérez from the Alalay Foundation: Photo by Marie de Lantivy

‘These girls have a lot of energy. When I cook with them we’re turning that energy into something positive.’

—Valentina Arteaga

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Patricia Zamora: Photo by Sophie Blow

‘A Bolivian woman today is independent, capable of having a career. She can do the housework, look after her children but also study.’

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Carlas Patzi: Photo by Ivan Rodriguez Petkovic

‘It is the woman who represents what we do. This is what we show, the entire woman. – with her essence… This is not only about the clothes – the mujer of pollera is not an item – this is about the woman.’

—Ana Palza

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