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Description: This rock formation in the south of the city is one of the most iconic sights in La Paz. Muela del diablo means ‘devil’s molar’ and its shape is what remains of an extinct volcano. It is an accessible hike from the city which can take from 2-3 hours to the full day..

How to get there: Take the minibus #922 or #207 to Los Pinos-Pedregal. Once in Pedregal you can walk or take a taxi to Chiaraque, the little town at the bottom of Muela Del Diablo. From there it’s a short hike uphill. It is possible to climb the Muela but this should be attempted with care and only under the right conditions.

Photo: Jaime Cuellar Imaña


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Description: On a hill overlooking Lake Titicaca, Hostal Las Olas offers individually designed suites using as many natural and local materials as possible and respecting traditional ways of construction. Comfort, details, art and nature converge at this affordable hostel.

Address: Michel Perez street 1-3, Copacabana


Photo: Hostal Las Olas


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Description: Founded in 1985 by Carmen Prieto de Clavijo, it’s the first costume rental store specialised in traditional clothes from the Potosi Department; it played a pioneering role in the recuperation of Chola Potosina traditional costume, which has become a landmark of Potosi. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 –18:30  Saturday 10:00 – 13:00   

Address: Av. Serrudo #152, Potosí - Bolivia

Cell phone: +591 63708590

Facebook Page: @artesaniaspalomita

Photo: Artesanías Palomita


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Description: Once a month La Casa de Les Ningunes opens their doors to share food and knowledge with the community. Under the principles of the conscious food movement and in collaboration with local gastronomic entrepreneurs, they create a delicious menu with tasty and healthy food, combining local and native ingredients to create a unique experience.

Address: Sopocachi, Rosendo Gutiérrez street, #696

Opening hours: 12:30-14:30

Photo: Movimiento Comida Consciente


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Description: A Melbourne-style cafe in the centre of La Paz, this place offers a selection of selected coffee, international teas, Bolivian beers, wines and spirits. The food is fresh and flavourful and you’ll find familiar dishes with a Bolivian twist. 

Address: Tarija street #229

Opening hours: 6:30-22:00

Photo: Higher Ground Cafe & Wine Bar La Paz


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Description: Vagabond, a Bolivian leather goods producing company born by the filosophy 'Be Free - Live Simply', allows you to experience the joy of every-day activities through simple pragmatic design of all the pieces that are thoughtfully handmade.

Address: San Miguel, Gabriel René Moreno and Ferrecio corner,  #1307

Opening hours: 10:30 - 13:00  15:30 - 20:00


Photo: Vagabond Bolivia


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