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03 Jan, 2020 | BX TEAM

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Description: This extreme sports agency offers a high level of service and security according to the established and standardised requirements worldwide to share and disseminate these high impact experiences through activities that challenge human nature by discovering new sensations and limits. Its main activities are paragliding, mountaineering and trekking in different areas around La Paz, Cochabamba, Toro Toro and the Cordillera Real. 

Facebook: @andesxtremo


Photo: Huayna Potosí peak by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash @toomastartes


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Description: 'A couple of crazy people who one day decided to mutate and do things that make their lives happy and hope to expand their joy to others.' This is how Gabriela Carreon and Leonardo Romero describe their business. Their designs transform everyday items into beautiful souvenirs from Bolivia: cups, tote bags, stickers, clothes, postcards, pillows and more!


Contact: +591  789 77277



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Description: This is a unique and curious museum founded in 2009 by Elsa Paredes de Salazar and her daughter Roxana Salazar in their old family home. The museum was a dream come true for Elsa, who had been collecting dolls her whole life. Their vast collection of dolls is from every corner of the globe. They’ve also dedicated a whole room that explores Bolivian history and tradition for different dances and celebrations. 

Contact: +591 76201981

Tickets: Bs. 10 (nationals) Bs. 15 (foreigns)

Address: Sopocachi, Rosendo Gutierrez  #550 

Photo: Lola Newell


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Description: MagicK is much more than just a café; it’s also a bar, with live music and other events – and above all, incredible food! MagicK’s dishes are seasonal and experimental, everything from healthy spins on traditional meals to exquisite culinary creations featuring unexpected flavour combinations

Contact: +591 77553535

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 16:00 to 23:00

Facebook: @MagickCafe

Address: Sopocachi, Presbítero Medina #2526

Photo: Alicja Hagopian


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Description: Originally established in July 1997, Thelonious is one of the few spaces in Bolivia dedicated to jazz. In 2016, Thelonious was reborn as a cultural centre, and it’s now going strong, with both performances and jazz instruction sharing centre stage. A place where you can enjoy live music – jazz, bossa nova and blues – accompanied by great cocktails and drinks.

Address: San Jorge, Av. del Libertador #2998

Contact: +591 72043198

Photo: Rachel Durnford 


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Description: Los Yungas is the subtropical region of the department of La Paz. Located just three hours from La Paz, you reach an Andean forest and a semi-jungle landscape with a warm and humid climate. Ideal for a weekend trip, you can easily visit Coroico by minibus from the bus terminal in Villa Fatima, or you can go down the famous death road by bicycle

How to get there: There is daily transportation from 'Terminal de Minasa', the prices go from 20 to 40 Bs..

Photo: Kal Visuals on Unsplash @kalvisuals


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Description: Staying at La Senda Verde Ecolodge also helps the Wildlife Sanctuary while you enjoy the beauty of Los Yungas. Due to its ecological design, its comfort, its beauty, its functionality and its complementarity with the animal shelter, the eco-shelter of La Senda Verde is considered one of the best in Bolivia. The accommodation includes breakfast and a tour of the refuge.

Photo: La Senda Verde


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