28 Mar, 2017 | Nick Somers


Sometimes you need to look no further than the smiling faces of the people on the city’s streets to find the beauty of La Paz. And one of the great things about this place is that it has anything but a shortage of personalities. Every corner, every market, and every place offers an opportunity to meet a new face and to hear a new story.

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‘My brother likes big dogs, but I’m happy I can carry and hug our dog.’ - Alto Tacagua”

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‘Every day after school I come here to play football with my friends until it’s dark. I hope one day I can play for Bolívar.’ - Sopocachi

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‘I have been a saleswoman for thirty years, but I also knit to make more money. I make sweaters, scarves, things that people ask me to make.’ - Mercado Uyustus

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‘I'm from La Paz and I like my work because all flowers are beautiful. And, please make me look good in the picture.’ - Mercado Lanza

‘Sales are good in Uyustus. I have cheese rolls, empanadas and apple pies.’ - Mercado Uyustus

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‘I have a television underneath my stall so I never have to miss the football games.’ - Mercado Sopocachi

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10 Apr, 2017 | 14:03
Nice collection of commentaries.

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