16 Jul, 2011 | Ivan Rodriguez P.


Away from the more popular image of Carnival - as a pounding, overcrowded riot of colours in which there is no distinction between those who dance, drink, chuck water or shout desperately for the next dance group - we discover a new atmosphere. Different, exotic and charming in every sense; a small town carnival ready to dance for thirty people caught up between the cold beer they are holding and the heat of the moment, the beating sun and the scattered confetti. Hands begin to rise and a happiness is shared through festive laughter. It doesn’t matter the place, or which roof we find each other under, Carnaval is enjoyed at every far flung point of this enchanting country. The masks are more than enough, and the brewer’s spirit is at large. In a village carnival like this, the costumes are hand crafted by local artisans and are finished with haste but with a touch of added value. Dancers are spontaneous, floating along in practised improvisation and the challenge of the dance between the one plaza and a small church, that without doubt is part of the people’s festivity. Between the glitter, water, colour and magic their movements dazzle before your eyes, injecting the unique sense that is ‘Carnaval’.

It makes me happy to present to you: COROICO IN CARNAVAL.


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