Chicken Jugglers

28 May, 2015 | Rodrigo Barrenechea

Urban living


The family that has stolen the hearts of every paceño (especially those who live in the Zona Sur) can still be seen performing its arduous juggling act on Avenida Costanera and its surroundings. Over time, this unique family has gained recognition from city dwellers, who understand that the only thing the family seeks with its trade is to make a living

Paceños tend to empathize more with the family than with foreign jugglers or other street artists, the majority of whom are Colombian or Argentinian. When the initial 'Chicken Jugglers' article was published in BX, it tried to raise awareness of this family's story among our middle and upper class readers and emphasize how they represent a clear example of the precarious work situation faced by many Bolivians.


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