24 Dec, 2014 | Vicky Roberts

Culture and Art

The contrast between movement and stillness

When Bolivia comes to life, it sparkles…

For myself and many, one of the most fascinating things about Bolivia is the juxtaposition of tremendous natural beauty with the chaotic culture that manifests itself in everyday life. From a photographic perspective, capturing the contrasts that make this country so unique makes life behind a lens a joy; never predictable, never boring and never failing to amaze.

Stillness and peace can be observed in every corner of the country; dramatic landscapes and views that make you question the scale of your existence on Earth. But don’t be fooled; below the surface, there’s an energy that bubbles, and you need look little further before you find yourself thrown amidst the thumping beat of Bolivian culture, witnessing movement, alive like electricity, that sparkles in every direction.

Photo: Vicky Roberts


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