Urban living

Run, gringo, run!

05 May, 2012 | Helena Cavell

Altitude is a killer: The personal experience of an English girl living in La Paz I took my first steps through El Alto airport feeling like a brick was weighing down on my chest... I was...

Micro Bus

01 Nov, 2011 | Joanna Kozlowska

Come rain or come shine, La Paz's growling micros steadily make their way through the urban jungle. Squeezed between robust cholitas and pensive artisans, you cannot but feel part of the city's fla...


22 Sep, 2011 | Maeva Gonzalez

At Altitude My fashion journey took me from the heights of El Alto in La Paz to the lively and hot city of Santa Cruz. Bolivia has many resources in alpaca and leather that make designs of great qua...