Salar de Uyuni

25 Aug, 2011 | Tim Deeks

Having gone ahead to the bus station to bribe the bus driver to delay the bus to Uyuni to give the girls time to arrive back from Rurrenabaque, I made a new friend on the 12 hour journey. Lucio seeme...


25 Aug, 2011 | Kirsty Hough

Our first site of Rurrenabaque was of the small airfield that comprised a collection of huts and an airstrip with cows and pigs grazing on it. The plane journey had been interesting, with the plane be...

Death Road!

25 Aug, 2011 | Eleanor Potter

Death Road is a pretty scary name, and it led at least one of our group (namely myself) to be more than a little hesitant about taking up the challenge in the first place! Let me just explain the...