The new Bolivian fighters: Cholitas Luchadoras

15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

JUANITA LA CARIÑOSA CARMEN ROSA LA CAMPEONA YOLANDA LA AMOROSA CLAUDINA LA MALA MARTHA LA ALTEÑA Cholitas luchadoras: the strapping heroines of El Alto's weekly cholita wrestling. Every Sunday to...

Giving the game away

15 May, 2012 | Anthony Moore Bastos

Fulbito in Bolivia and South America In Bolivia there is no such thing as a "No Ball Games" sign. Consequently, Bolivian windows are criss-crossed by enrejados, preventing both burglars and football...

Get your moto running

15 May, 2012 | Taj Davis

In spite of the rally's remote location in the poorest country in South America, it's all made possible through a great love of the sport. The motorbikes came on the backs of pickup trucks, towed...