A united front

28 Feb, 2012 | Omari Eccleston-Brown

Bolivia does exist, but it’s a nation divided along invisible lines: East and West; loose borders that separate one ancestral community from the next; and perhaps most strongly, the breach between the...

Ploughing In The Sea: The Legacy of Bolivar - 6 de Agosto

27 Aug, 2010 | Alistair Smout

In the Zona Sopocachi of La Paz, things are peculiarly quiet. The normally chaotic traffic is calm, and pedestrians cross the road with relative ease. Shops are shuttered up, cafes are draped in red,...

Customary Moralety

27 Aug, 2010 | Alistair Smout

It’s not often that a president who returns with 64% of the popular vote (nearly 40% more than their nearest rival) faces stern political opposition eight months into their presidency, but then, Evo M...