30 Dec, 2020 | Ivan Rodriguez

Photos by Ivan Rodriguez


30 Dec, 2020 | Ivan Rodriguez

Photos by Ivan Rodriguez

Senda Verde, Nature needs us / Senda Verde, un llamado de la naturaleza

29 Aug, 2020 | Article: David Fegan / Intro: Ivan Rodriguez Petkovic

Photos: Iván Rodríguez PENGLISH VERSIONIntroduction by Iván Rodríguez PEvery animal should have the right to be able to behave like an animal. This sounds obvious, and what I mean by it is to feel fre...


29 Aug, 2020 | Alfonso Gorostiaga

Photo: Iván Rodriguez ENGLISH VERSIONWe’re told that it won’t be completely snowy until next month, but that doesn’t prevent it from being deathly cold at around 6am as we watch the sun rise in t...

Catch me if I fall / Atento que caigo

29 Aug, 2020 | Alfonso Gorostiaga

Photos: Alfonso GorostiagaENGLISH VERSIONRocklimbing in La PazThe rocks have names that correspond to their personalities; the cookie, the razor, monkey back, Bolivar Crux, the predator, champagne. In...

We need nature more than nature needs us

29 Apr, 2020 | Anneli Aliaga and Valeria Dorado

Photos: Valeria Dorado When quarantine is no longer obligatory and we are free to roam, we will remember how much we missed exploring Bolivia’s magnificent natural landscapes. But until then, i...

The Village of San Lorenzo

31 Mar, 2020 | Rinalda Aay

Photos: Rinalda Aay, George Fearnley and Rhiannon MatthiasA new tour agency offers visitors a wealth of culture, food and natural beautyFifteen kilometres north of Tarija, the capital of Bolivia’...

The Elegant Andean Condor

02 Mar, 2020 | Lauren Minion

A female Andean Condor sweeps over herterritory in search of food, using warm aircurrents to save energy.Photos: Lauren Minion This big bird is threatened by habitat loss and human aggressionThe...

The Cherry of Los Yungas

11 Dec, 2019 | Rhiannon Matthias

Photos: Rhiannon MatthiasWith small-scale growers and a vibrant café culture, Bolivian coffee is coming into its own Millions of people around the world crawl out of bed each morning despera...

Steps towards Sustainability

11 Dec, 2019 | Lauren Minion

Ecotourism in Bolivia: Brand or objective? Ecotourism is a sector that has undergone considerable development in Bolivia since 1999. For many, it is not only a form of income but a way of life. With t...

Juan Carlos Navi Yuchina: King of the Jungle

11 Dec, 2019 | Silvia Saccardi

Name: Juan Carlos Navi YuchinaCommunity: San JoséJob title: Nature guideAge: 52Family situation: Married, with three daughters and a sonYears of experience working as a guide: FiveLanguages spoke...

A Call to Nature

29 Oct, 2019 | Nicole Marquez Aguirre

Photos: Nicole Marquez Aguirre The Bolivian Amazon’s Ambue Ari wildlife sanctuary My arrival at the Ambue Ari wildlife sanctuary, or ‘the park’ as the volunteers call it, began as a jou...

Forest Fires in Chiquitanía and the Aftermath

29 Oct, 2019 | Silvia Saccardi

Wildlife Sanctuary Ambue Ari up in flames. Ph: Raquel Izquierdo Jacoste Images: Courtesy of Inti Wara Yassi A look into the consequences of extreme forest fires caused by chaqueosBolivia has this year...

Bolivia’s Magnificent Amazonian Nature Reserve

29 Oct, 2019 | Lauren Minion

Passiflora Madidiana Especie Nueva - “The Madidi Passionflower is an endemic species (one that can only be found in this region)” Images: Courtesy of Alfredo F. Fuentes Claros from The National Herbar...

Saving Bolivia’s Big Cat

29 Oct, 2019 | Amelia Swaby

Photos: Amelia Swaby Wildlife trafficking threatens the iconic jaguar International illegal wildlife trafficking now threatens the extinction of many species native to Bolivia. Birds are the...