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Mujeres creando

14 Aug, 2012 | Eleanor Warnick

Bolivian anarcho-feminism Maria Galindo is instantly recognizable. With her long, black, lank hair, shaved on one side, and her piercing, kohllined eyes, she’s an icon of Bolivian feminism. S...


01 Nov, 2011 | Gabriel Kumontoy

Bricks are being laid fast here in Bolivia. They are also being feasted upon. Just as fast by the Pachamama. Their interiors, contrary to their gaudy exteriors have bare-naked walls devoid of pr...

Things you didn't know about coca

07 Oct, 2011 | Maeva Gonzalez

The coca leaf, discovered 3000 years ago by the Incas, is still cause for both pride and controversy. Eduardo Lopez Zavala, the director of the movie Inal Mama (see BX Issue 6) understands it as a s...