Women and Cooking: A Cultural Connection

14 Aug, 2012 | Benjamin Fagan

Walking through the many barrios of La Paz, any passerby is bound to be taken aback by the multitude of smells that fi ll the air. Familiar odors of exhaust from minibuses and cabs and the smells of t...

Dining at Alasita: A cornucopia of culinary delights

28 Feb, 2012 | Helena Cawell

As a lover of food, I have tried some of the best (and worst) of market stall food from a variety of countries. At best it is delicious and authentic, giving a peek at life behind the tourist façade;...


07 Oct, 2011 | Robbie Macdonald

The people’s beer Paceña is the top brand in Bolivia. The red, white and gold logo can be seen nearly everywhere you look. In addition to the everyday press, an enthusiastic marketing team oversees...