Voices from the fairground

28 Feb, 2012 | Patrick Dowling

A selection of interviews documenting the Alasita fair as lived by pacenos. Name: Teresa Ticona de PizarroAge: 52Occupation: Artisan selling toy cars I have been an artisan at Alasita for 20...

Honey, I shrunk a festival

28 Feb, 2012 | Patrick Dowling

You buy small, fake money with life-sized, actual money in hopes that you will become rich? Am I the only one not lost in the irony? Bolivianos! Dólares! Euros!' shouts the street vendor directly i...

Crossfest, Santa Cruz

25 Aug, 2011 | Gabriel Kumontoy

All four of us are still dog tagged in our wrists – we’re all blue (VIP) members of Crossfest 2011 even though we had left Santa Cruz four days ago, and will still continue to be for months to come un...