ARTICLES OF María Mayböck

Remembering, Reminiscing, Rejecting

26 Sep, 2016 | María Mayböck

Photo: María MayböckA Peek Into the Past Through Milky EyesThey are almost invisible, unless they are part of our families. But the elderly are still a force to be reckoned with. They are many, t...

Wonderfully Strange

20 Jul, 2016 | María Mayböck

Image Courtesy of Carlos Villagómez ParedesThe Mosaic of Modernity and Traditionalism in Paceño Architecture‘The city eats you up. It eats you, it chews you, it digests you and it defecates you.’– Car...

Streets like Pulsing Veins

20 Jul, 2016 | María Mayböck

How Transport Gives Life to a City A blur of zipping cars, once covered in a brownish smoke cloud, now makes its way up the dizzying heights of a steep zigzagging road, reflecting the blinding sun aga...