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Steps towards Sustainability

11 Dec, 2019 | Lauren Minion

Ecotourism in Bolivia: Brand or objective? Ecotourism is a sector that has undergone considerable development in Bolivia since 1999. For many, it is not only a form of income but a way of life. W...

Todos Santos en Bolivia

11 Dec, 2019 | Lauren Minion

Wooden ladders are available throughout the La Paz cemetery so that family members can access the rest places of their family members and keep their shrines up to date. Photos: Lauren Minion &...

Bolivia’s Magnificent Amazonian Nature Reserve

29 Oct, 2019 | Lauren Minion

Passiflora Madidiana Especie Nueva - “The Madidi Passionflower is an endemic species (one that can only be found in this region)” Images: Courtesy of Alfredo F. Fuentes Claros from The National Herbar...