The new Bolivian fighters: Cholitas Luchadoras

15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

JUANITA LA CARIÑOSA CARMEN ROSA LA CAMPEONA YOLANDA LA AMOROSA CLAUDINA LA MALA MARTHA LA ALTEÑA Cholitas luchadoras: the strapping heroines of El Alto's weekly cholita wrestling. Every Sunday to...

Matame por favor

15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

4 out of 5 stars The FITAZ festival went off with a bang on its first weekend with performances of Mátame, Por Favor on the nights of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March in the Espacio el Desnivel...


15 May, 2012 | Lauren Bell

A true phenomenon for Bolivian theatre Once every two years, theatre companies from around the world, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France and Spain, join Bolivian theatre groups to present th...