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Wine Lovers Looking to Bolivia

03 Jan, 2020 | George Fearnley

Photos: George Fearnley Bolivian viniculture at the heart of Tarijan industry Eduardo Caceres, winemaker for the boutique Bolivian winery Cruce Del Zorro, recalls a business trip to Europe....

A Slice of Naples in La Paz

11 Dec, 2019 | George Fearnley

Photos: George Fearnley How Bolivia’s most authentic pizzas are being made in Cota Cota This year, the Big 7 Travel website ranked the pizza at La Paz’s Imilla Alzada the sixth best in South America,...

Young space scientists leave their boot prints in Alabama

11 Dec, 2019 | George Fearnley

Photos: Courtesy of International Space Education Institute and Alvaro FloresBolivians demonstrate their talent at international NASA competition In 2017, NASA, the US space agency, stated i...