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El Valle de Las Animas

30 Aug, 2020 | Alfonso Gorostiaga

Photo: Gon LasernaENGLISH VERSIONThe cold is becoming increasingly noticeable. Since the Tata Inti marked the change of season on June 21, the days closely mimic the beginnings of winter. I have a bit...


30 Aug, 2020 | Alfonso Gorostiaga

ENGLISH VERSIONI had been living in Holland for the last four years. Doctors there do not usually prescribe medication for a common cold or any other illnesses that are not considered to be overly thr...


30 Aug, 2020 | Alfonso Gorostiaga

Photos: Experience BoliviaENGLISH VERSIONA mistake, a wake-up call, perhaps a divine sign. We have been locked up for three months now. The alterations that the planet has had to undergo, and the ways...