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Uyuni Willakuti

16 Jul, 2013 | Alexandra Meleán

A celebration of identity and culture on the salt flats Extending its reach beyond the sacred site of Tiwanaku, in 2013 the government has decided to hold further celebrations for the Aymara New Yea...


20 Oct, 2013 | Alexandra Meleán

Fashion designers Valeria Wilde and Carola Valdivia experiment with eco-friendly fashion in Bolivia, introducing ZEF, a recycled clothing brand launching this November. Bolivian Express gets an ex...


24 Sep, 2013 | Alexandra Meleán

Voladores sail in the sky, like vessels of the wind, soaring on the breath of Pachamama. Flyers forge a stronger connection with la madre tierra. Kites harmonize intergenerational dissonance, br...